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BSN occupies house under threat of foreclosure

Posted in Uncategorized by Kapi Pulka on December 3, 2011

More notes to come, In Brief

ANZ Bank are using bully tactics to foreclose on homes that are momentarily behind in mortgage payments.

The house we are in fell behind one month on mortage payments, but immediately made up the difference. In response, ANZ began illegally issuing various notices and thinly veiled threats to quit the property without court orders, hired cliched sleazy lawyers, and has gone to the degree of having someone break into the house and change the locks twice (and mess with the furniture in the process).

As a result the tenant has not been able to ‘occupy’ her own house, despite having a signed lease agreement and paying rent.

This Sunday’s FREE UNIVERSITY of Occupied Brisbane will feature a talk on this event as well as other housing issues.

Cathedral Square, cnr Ann and Wharf Streets, Spring Hill

Jim DeCouto: Micah Project’s Street to Home Program.
Ron: ANZ’s illegal attempt to take possession of house in Clayfield.
Mortgage Financing and its contribution to corporate greed in Australia.
Asger Strodl: Private Property and the exploitation of housing and
housing alternatives.
Lillian Geddes: Post Feudal housing and alternatives to paying rent.
Andy P: Squatting
Plus information on EcoDigs


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