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Discussion Night: What is Anarchism?

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Thursday 2nd July

8pm – 10pm

Turnstyle Community Hub

10 Laura Street, Highgate Hill, QLD 4101


Discussion night with a presentation on anarchism by local misfit extraordinaire, Gerald Keaney. Come along and hear his ideas on anarchism, share your own and help us build understanding of ourselves and our politics.



Creative Workshop: Banners, Zines, Stencils and more!

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Thursday 16th July

7pm – 10pm

Turnstyle Community Hub

10 Laura St, Highgate Hill, QLD 4101


Get together to share resources and ideas to aid upcoming events or long-term struggles through the creation of banners, zines, stencils or anything else you want to be making!

Turnstyle offers a large space with great concrete areas for banner painting and cosy couches for drafting zines and sharing ideas. The goal is to have a space where people can bring forward their crafty projects and we can all work together to make them happen.

PLEASE BRING useful resources people may need such as: paints, brushes, sheets, fabrics, cardboard. At this stage we can’t guarantee what resources will be there, so if you rely on having specific resources please take responsibility for these yourself, but feel free to get in touch if you need advice on sourcing materials!

Sovereignty Not Recognition

NB: Turnstyle is in a residential neighbourhood, please respect the tenants of this house and their neighbours by leaving by 10pm and keeping noise down.

To provide a fun and safe creative space for everyone, we request people do NOT wear perfumes and spray deodorants. Some ingredients in fragranced products are the same toxic petrochemicals used in fracking by Coal Seam Gas. When you wear these you pollute the air around you and cause chemical poisoning in others who are vulnerable (eg. Asthma, migraine, heart and nerve damage).

For a safe and simple alternative you can use bicarb or lemon… save money too, and good for the environment.

Film Night Thursday May 7th: Letters from Iran

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Anti-Authoritarian Film Night featuring “Letters from Iran”

8pm Thursday 7th May

69 Thomas St, West End

Film screening and discussion


While winds of change have been blowing through the Arab world, Iranians have been forced to wait for political reform. In 2009, in the aftermath of an election that saw Mahmoud Ahmadinejad controversially returned to power as president of the Islamic Republic, millions took to the streets of Tehran to protest against the result. But the demonstrations were brutally repressed and the hopes of the green revolutionaries were dashed. Letters from Iran paints a fascinating portrait of the aftermath of the Green Revolution and a country holding its breath.

NB: One of our attendees gets chemically injured by deodorants. Please do not wear any if you attend this event, or use natural alternatives. If you do wear deodorant let us know what type it is.

Film night this Thursday! A New Dawn in the Middle East

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freedom-for-romanos-long-live-anarchism1-355x2007pm @ 69 Thomas Street West End!

Kurdish rebels are establishing self-rule in war-torn Syria, resembling the Zapatista experience and providing a truly democratic alternative for the region.

We will show some short film on what is going on there & how layers of the movement are trying to establish stateless participatory democratic practices.

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BSN presents: Even The Rain / También la lluvia

Posted in Cultural Action Group, Events by Kapi Pulka on February 3, 2015

posterEven the Rain is a 2010 film about the ongoing lived reality of colonial conquest. cochabambabarricadeThe film follows a Mexican film crew who travel to Bolivia to shoot a film depicting Columbus’s invasion. The crew find themselves in a personal crisis when the line between their film and everyday life blur as they are thrown into the midst of the year 2000 Cochabamba uprising, in which the population revolted against attempted water privatization

This Thursday the 5th of February, 6:30pm/7pm start @ 69 Thomas Street West End

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Street Politics 101 this Thursday 22nd of January!

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posterJoin BSN for a Film night & Discussion! Thursday 22 of January at 7:00pm House of Freedom: 69 Thomas St West End This short energetic documentary by Franklin Lopez recounts the story of the spectacular student movement that rocked the streets of Montreal. This is a story about how the arrogance of a government underestimated a dedicated group of students, who through long-term organizing laid the foundation for some of the largest mass demonstrations in Canada’s history. But it’s also a story of how a crew of determined anarchists educated a new generation of students on the importance of owning the streets. In Street Politics 101, features some of the best footage from what has been referred to as “the maple spring”. The documentary also features interviews with students, teachers and anarchists involved in one of the most militant rebellions in Quebec.

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Film Night: Let’s not Live Like Slaves

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Film Night! Thursday, January 15 7pm @ 69 Thomas St West Endarton42

We’re used to seeing the riot footage in Greece, but what about the constructive element of the
anti-authoritarian movement?

“Let’s not live like slaves, is a compendium of testimonies of resistance in terms of self-organization, solidarity and autonomy. This is not exactly a documentary but different images, personal and collective stories about the situation in Greece. A French-Greek film which gives an insight on the resistance, mainly led by antiauthoritarian sphere, in the Hellenic Country showing the collaboration of different collectives, the running of self-organized centres and hospitals, the spreading of alternative journalism, the day by day in the alternative neighbourhood of Exarchia, and other activities.

It is a call against the slavery imposed by the State, by the Machine and a compilation of examples that show new ways of self-organized and independent living.”


Discusssion/Film Night: Anti-authoritarian organising

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booksJoin BSN for a discussion and film night on the nuts and bolts of Anti-Authoritarian organising.

Tuesday 30th of December, 7pm @ House of Freedom, 69 Thomas St West End

Here is one of the zines we will be using to at the dicussion – Consensus –
A Brief Introductory Guide –

This the film we will be showing about a housing co-opt that uses Consensus
Decision making to organise.- Democratic Housing In Edinburgh! –

Reading Group: Betrayal

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Join BSN & fellow travellers for a reading group discussing “BETRAYAL: A critical analysis of rape culture.” The piece can be accessed here

7pm Tues 23rd Dec, 69 Thomas St, Westend

BSN present: North Korea – An anarchist eye witness account

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kju-looking-at-lubricantNorth Korea: An anarchist eye witness account. Join us for an informal discussion Monday 22nd of December 830pm @ House of Freedom, 69 Thomas St West End

BSN present: ‘Pieces of Madrid

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Film night & Discussion!

Tuesday 15th of December at 7:00pm
House of Freedom: 69 Thomas St West End

This short documentary explores ongoing resistance and self-organization in the midst of the economic and social crisis in Madrid, Spain.

As social conditions continue to deteriorate across the country, people have been turning to the streets and to each other to find for solutions to the crisis. This film tells a story of the massive mobilization that saw millions of people converge on Madrid on March 22nd 2014, the story of the proliferation of social centers, community gardens, self-organized food banks, and the story of large-scale housing occupations by and for families that have been evicted. The film pieces together many of the creative ways that people have been coping with crisis and asks what the future may hold for Spain.

Solidarity Forever fundraiser/part 6pm Friday 12th of December @ Brews Bros.

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Solidarity Funds-raiser Friday December 12 6pm

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Party/Fundraiser @ Brews Brothers in East Brisbane/Woolloongabba – 31 Wellington Rdbb

The theme is Black Block 🙂

G20 Counter-Forum: Anarchist responses to the g20 & Globalisation from Below

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Join us 12th of November 3:45pm @ 199 Boundary Street West End 🙂 Thanks to the Australian Business Review for advertising.
See also:
Brisbane Aboriginal Sovereign Embassy Program
People’s g20 Zine
Anarchists & the G20 Zine

Everybody Gets Icecream events @ the G20 counter-summit

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Anarchist Picnic this Saturday 26th 12 midday

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10173764_631357123585032_3800907104797034687_nAnarchist Picnic this Saturday
No gods, no masters, but there will be plenty of sandwiches and sunshine, as anarchy descends on the streets of Brisbane in the form of THE ANARCHIST PICNIC (5.0). Saturday 26 July, 12pm (that’s midday!) *NB LOCATION* = Orleigh Park, West End.

Bring zines, banners (to paint), political discussion topics, some food to share and/or instruments. Come and hang out with your favourite anarchist or two as we nourish our palates (etc) for an hour or two.

Kids welcome! We’ll be near the playground and near the table and chairs near the playground.

Anarchism, ecological crises, climate change, direct action forum: Philippines.

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$750 raised in solidarity for our comrades in the Philippines. Love & Rage

Free Speech: Use it or Lose it. From Joh Bjelke Peterson to Julian Assange (Ciaron O’Reilly)

Posted in Events by Kapi Pulka on July 1, 2012 Speech – Use it or lose it:
From Joh Bjelke-Peterson to Julian Assange.
Satuday 7th July 3pm till late.
@ Turnstyle social centre (10 Laura Street Highgate Hill).
Speakers: Gary Mclennan and Ciaron O’Reilly.
Music by Pig City’s Fats Parameters

Lizards Revenge Info night

Posted in Events by Kapi Pulka on May 28, 2012 Lizard’s Revenge is a festival/blockade of the Olympic Dam uranium mine at Roxby Downs. It is a response to the government’s plans to expand the mine, and a call out from Arabunna elder Kevin Buzzacott to help shut down the mine and heal the land. It will take place from July 14-17. Check out the event page Or the website On Tuesday we will meet to both share some more info about the event and to gauge interest for a Brisbane contingent to go. We can also discuss transport and potential actions. Come along if you are interested in going, or just interested in finding out more about the event and issue. Please forward this to anybody else who might be interested

TOMORROW (Tuesday) 6:30 Catholic Worker House, 99 Stephens Rd South Brisbane

Supporters needed at Musgrave Park

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Press release

Brisbane City Council to try to forcibly remove Aboriginal Sovereign Embassy

Supporters urgently needed at Musgrave Park 14 May 2012 Brisbane City Council has turned its back on negotiations with the Brisbane Sovereign Embassy over its right to exist in Musgrave Park, South Brisbane. This afternoon at around 4pm, Luke Bell from Brisbane City Council told the Embassy by phone that negotiations were off and that Council would be forcibly removing the Embassy in the near future. At a meeting at the Embassy last Saturday, Brisbane Lord Mayor, Graham Quirk tried to confuse the issue by saying the Embassy had to move for this Saturday’s Paniyiri Festival despite the fact that he and Council were fully aware that festival organisers had publicly stated in South City News that they had no problem with the Embassy’s presence during the festival. Mayor Quirk refused to guarantee that violence would not be used against the Embassy. Video of this can be viewed at Not only had Paniyiri organisers begun negotiations with the Embassy on how to work together but local firefighters organising an upcoming regional firefighter expo in Musgrave Park had also approached the Embassy to discuss how they could share the Park. Since being established over 2 months ago, the Brisbane Sovereign Embassy has welcomed thousands of Brisbane residents to film nights, workshops, family fun days and cultural events around the sacred fire that has been established under Aboriginal law and custom. The Brisbane Sovereign Embassy has been established to assert Aboriginal Sovereignty over the land, sovereignty which has not been legally extinguished under British, Australian, International or Aboriginal law. We are urging supporters to contact John Jordan from Brisbane City Council on 0421 346 021 to make it clear that the people of Brisbane want the Embassy to stay. Supporters are urgently needed on the ground at Musgrave Park. Further enquiries: Chris on 0478 804 334 Boe on 0431 525 924